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In our mother and daughter-run funeral home, we believe in a legacy of care that spans generations. We've been privileged to serve families in our community through the difficult times in life's journey. Our commitment to compassion, respect, and personalised service has been passed down through the years, ensuring that every family we serve feels supported and understood. At our funeral home, you're not just a client; you're a cherished member of our community, and we're honoured to be a part of your story.

Our Mission

At this most difficult of times we aim to provide a service which is second to none.

We offer a multitude of arrangements to suit your very personal and unique needs and we never try to sell you a more expensive funeral or slip in hidden extras. You can trust us to offer the highest levels of integrity, care and service.

Our Services Reviewed

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Meet our Family

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Meet the Family: Lorraine and Daughter, Alex

At Owens, we are more than just a funeral home; we are a family committed to providing personalized care for our community during life's most challenging moments. Allow us to introduce you to two generations of compassionate funeral directors who are here to guide you through this difficult time: Lorraine and her daughter, Alex.


Lorraine - A Lifetime of Compassion

Lorraine has dedicated her life to the service of others, and her journey in the funeral industry spans decades. She understands the importance of empathy, respect, and attention to detail when helping families say goodbye to their loved ones. Lorraine's warm heart and unwavering commitment to the community have earned her a well-deserved reputation for excellence in funeral service.

With years of experience, Lorraine has seen how personalised care can make all the difference when coping with grief. Her unique blend of wisdom and compassion ensures that every family she serves receives the support and comfort they need during this emotional time.


Alex - Continuing the Legacy

Alex, Lorraine's daughter, has inherited her mother's passion for providing care to those in need. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the funeral industry, she learned the importance of kindness and dedication from an early age. Alex brings a fresh perspective and modern approach to funeral service, while still honouring the timeless traditions that provide comfort to grieving families.

Together, Lorraine and Alex form a dynamic team, combining experience with innovation to create meaningful and memorable services. They share a deep commitment to their community, understanding that each family they serve is unique and deserving of compassionate care.

We are here for you

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Knowing your loved one is in safe hands brings a sense of comfort, at Owens Funeral Services we have always ensured a peaceful and comforting environment both for families and their parted loved one. Our chapels are unique to the UK and offer a beautiful place to pay respect, share memories and say a private farewell. We believe that healing starts by offering peace of mind to those who are grieving and part of that process is by offering guidance, care and a safe and restful place that brings comfort.

We are an independent family run funeral service company who pride ourselves in offering a very personal, compassionate, professional service at a time when families are most vulnerable. We offer an affordable service to the highest standard without you having to compromise on quality or service for an affordable price.