Assistance with Funeral Costs

Funeral Cost Assistance

Financial Support for Funerals There are several avenues for financial assistance related to funeral expenses, and below, you will find detailed information on these options:

1. The Social Fund

  • This resource is designed to aid individuals with limited income whostruggle to manage sudden and unexpected expenses like funeral costs. While funds are available, they are subject to limitations.

2. Bereavement Payments

  • Bereavement Payments can be sought if your spouse or civil partner has passed away. It constitutes a one-time, tax-free lump sum payment of £2,000.
  • You may be eligible for Bereavement Payment if your spouse or civil partner made National Insurance contributions (NICs), or if their demise was work-related, under the following conditions:
  • You were below the State Pension age when they passed away OR
  • Your spouse, wife, or civil partner was not entitled to Category A main state Retirement Benefit upon their death.
  • Bereavement Payment is not available in the following circumstances:
  • If you were divorced from your late spouse or partner, or if the civil partnership ended before their death.
  • If you were cohabiting in a manner resembling a marital or civil partnership relationship.
  • If you were incarcerated

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Additionally, regarding Bereavement Allowance: After the loss of your spouse or civil partner, you may qualify for the Bereavement Allowance. This is a taxable weekly benefit provided for up to 52 weeks starting from the date of your spouse's, wife's, or civil partner's passing. You may be eligible for Bereavement Allowance if the following conditions apply:

  • You are a widow, widower, or surviving civil partner aged 45 or older at the time of your spouse's, wife's, or civil partner's demise.
  • You are not responsible for raising children.
  • You have not reached the State Pension age.

Your late spouse, wife, or civil partner had paid National Insurance contributions (NICs) or died due to an industrial accident or disease.For comprehensive information and claim forms regarding bereavement payments and allowances, you can obtain them from the Directgov website, Citizens Advice Bureau, Jobcentre Plus, or by calling 0845 603 6967